Cavcam Baner
:: product overview

Our lead product is the CAVCAM, a patent-pending, low-cost retinal imager that directly integrates with off-the-shelf consumer digital cameras. The CAVCAM aims to be the world's first "point & shoot" retinal camera. Its simple, intuitive, and familiar controls allow both trained technicians and novice users to quickly obtain in-focus and composed retinal photographs. The design of the CAVCAM leverages the built-in functions of a consumer camera, allowing for a unique, stand-alone, highly portable, and very easy-to-use retinal imaging system.

:: development stage

RetiVue is currently in the beta prototype stage of development for the CAVCAM. Early alpha prototypes of the CAVCAM are curently being evaluated at the University of Virgnia Health System and at other collaborating clinics. We plan to deploy our camera for further testing at clinics in India and Thailand in the near future.

:: features
  • 45" retinal field
  • mydriatic or non-mydriatic design
  • 12MP or higher image resolution
  • wireless image transfer with Eye-FiTM card
  • automatic focus and exposure
  • active image stabilization
  • 3" Live View LCD
  • 16GB storage
  • hand-held, portable, battery-powered
  • design compatible with modern DSLRs, micro-four-thirds, and advanced compact cameras
:: clinical applications

We envision the CAVCAM being used as a tele-ophthalmology screening camera for the detection of eye diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, and glaucoma.

Please see our About Us: Our Motivation page for more information on the importance of eye disease screening.

To read about the development of our patent-pending CAVCAM imaging platform, please visit our News page.